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Upgrading Outback 09 Speakers

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I have recently become the proud owner of a 2009 3rd gen outback 3.0rn and I love it. However unfortunately it does not include the optimal Harmon Kardon audio system or cd changer and the only thing that disappoints me about the car is the poor performance of the standard speakers. The head-unit has a subwoofer option but it doesn't appear to have one. I have done a little research and have found out that the factory head-unit is very difficult to replace so I would only be looking to replace the standard speakers. Has anyone here upgraded their speakers and if so can you recommend some for both the front and rear doors? Any advice on mounting accessories and wiring would be much appreciated. Thank you for your help. 

A confused new Scooby owner.

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Just finished the same project on a 2007 forester. Kept the JDM head unit for now and the advice I received was not only to change speakers but also sound proof / deaden all doors. 

Front doors received a component speakers system (JBL 6.5"  about £80) Based on ur budget you can go up to hundreds of £.

Rear doors received a quite cheap (Kenwood 5.25" 2 way speakers) that I'm quite happy with.

All four doors sound proofed. You have ur choice of sound proofing / deadening mats but be aware, the material is heavy and I'd suggest to get the thinnest you can get. Also  an appling roll is a good idea. 

By the way, I was quoted  £500 by a "specialist" to have my front doors upgraded but decided to have a go myself. 

All in all, I'm really happy with the outcome of my project. 


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As above with the sound deadening take your time and it is easy to apply, I found a roller really useful, helped with air bubbles I got in a couple of areas.

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