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information on camber


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hi guys I have just fitted two new front wheel bearings on 2008 subaru hatchback and had to take the shocks of I have just bought one of those magnetic camber gauge of Amazon and also had to replace the rear camber bolts in the owners manual it says front camber is -0"10" and the rear is -1.05 that is for 16 inch wheels I guess and -1.15 for 17 inch wheels so if I have 18 inch wheels would that make it -1.25. thanks micky1.  

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That would  work as an initial setting, you may find you need more, some newage imprezas are running -1.75 to -2.0.

I cannot find my last printout (it was a few years back) and haven't had one done recently so cannot help any more than this unfortunately. I will need to get a full  alignment done this year and was intending to get a fast road / track setup done down at Litchfield and will share those results with you, so again more information that is no use to you at this point 🙃

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