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  1. micky


    hi guys I have a 20R hatchback 2008 and just put new 18inch wheels on and changed the front wishbones antiroll bar links and track rod ends can I just get the front tracked or will it have to be the four wheel tracking as I never moved the suspension cheers .micky
  2. hi guys got 2008 hatchback 2.0R and going to change bottom wishbone track rod ends and roll bar drop links is there anywhere I can get the torque settings for these on the internet or will I have to buy a manual thanks. micky1
  3. hi guys micky here have 2008 impreza 2.0L R it has done 90 odd thousand miles and I change the oil every 5000 miles but after a while it starts putting some reek out the back it doesn't get hammered is there an oil that I can use as I use 5w30. thanks
  4. hi guys I am looking for head light for 2008 Subaru impreza hatchback drivers side with black housing has anyone got one for sale thanks.