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Help required - legacy diesel engine knock


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Hi, I could really do with some help. My turbo let go on my Legacy. I was going slow and only did 500 yards. I still had oil and there was no run on.

I had the turbo changed and all seemed well but returning home from the garage I heard a noise and now I have an engine knock. I have been told it's a bearing slip / rodknock and that it's terminal.

turbo technics stripped my turbo when it went and said it was all there, so replacing the turbo was simple with no worry of the engine injesting anything.

I have read up that this is quite a common after effect of a turbo going.

I have only had the car 2 years.. it's a 2013 model and is mint. I have asked for loads of quotes. I am shocked at the cost of repairing these. Alot of people have never rebuilt Subaru engines.. I am at a loss, the car is far too good to scrap, but I can't afford 5k to repair it especially when it's worth 4k when fixed.

So the help I need..

Do you know anyone who can help with the rebuild an engine that isn't going to ask me to remortgage..

Or do you know anyone who wants a legacy for spares


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whent he turbo lets go small metal shavings/filings (even though looks ok to the eye) frequently get into the oil, they then get fed to the bearings and cause them to wer and then fail 😞


can you see if you can find a second hand engine? if not then your options are very limited 😞

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I had the whole system flushed. Dropped all the oil flushed out the engine. The garage did 3 road tests.. idle, short journey.. then up and down the dual carriageway took it to 70. Told me it was ready. I got about 1 mile before i heard a noise. 

So my quotes are.. 

3.7k second hand engine from a scrap yard. 3 different companies and they were only £15 different. They must talk.

Recon engine swap 6k

Subaru top end fix only 9.5k

Hence my plea.. and my unhappy thought about scrapping my car.


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4k for a second hand engine? jebus.


give scoobyclinic a call, they should be able to advise if the prices your being quote are about the right ball park or if they are just trying to price themselves out of not doing it

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What was failing first, bottom end or turbo, is just as likely bottom end bearing debris effected turbo.
The reality is if you want hassle free cheap motoring stay away from subaru diesel and any modern dpf diesel as they all garbage due to the emission equipment that an engineering joke and environmental disaster .
The EZ20 diesels are extra garbage due to crank failure and bottom end bearing issues .
Used engines are so expensive as demand far exceeds supply due to fact they all will fail terminally due to crank issues that not really been fully resolved .
We get loads of 2008 to 2013 dead diesels and 99% of them are scrap at 300 to 500 quid value as no way owners going front the repair cost and we can't put much guarantee on engines due to known issue with cranks, injector learning and dpf issues that not really fixable without re-engineering at mechanical and software levels . .
Had quite a few dragged on the flat bed and off to the crusher from my yard. Is absolute disgrace to owners who bought this expensive garbage and bigger disgrace to the planet that got absorb all the waste created from constant repair parts and service chemicals make it work to mot emission standard and then crushing of the junk 😞
If you could see the chemical waste and part waste from my garage for modern dpf diesels compared to older cars you would realise they exact opposite of environmental benefit .
Even I myself could not buy them at scrap value and repair for resale without financial loss .
As it already been messed with it hard trace exactly what happened and a teardown would be a full strip hot tank and rebuild and I probably want use newest crank revision in rebuild cover myself and you from more grief .
Ideally oil and oil filter should of been examined for debris before new turbo ordered let alone fitted .
about best case scenario for professional effort from someone who actually knows what they doing on EZ20 rebuild and making effort build it right is likely 4.5K  .
you could cut some corners and probably come under 2.5K if your internals turn out in tolerance & serviceable condition but you could be back to square one within months as these engines fail so easily .
The problem also is anyone who knows what they doing and got a lot of work flow don't really want touch them thus quotes are high as only do it if good earner ...

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