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check engine light should i be worried


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i was driving today off boost when check engine light came on, so i pulled over and poped the bonnet could smell a slight smell of burning rubber,  so i turned off the engine for 5 minutes then when i started it back up it was fine and light when off.........(could it be a slipping belt)   i would be most grateful if you guys could share your thoughts

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i've had a few gearboxes blow on me over the years and the first one that started leaking gave the smell of burning rubber when the gear oil gets hot, as said it's odd for a belt to put a light up, any items with fluid will usually have sensors so that could bring the light up if theres a loss in pressure or fluid, again as said i'd try and get it scanned with a code reader if it's got the obd 2 port or under the dash with the black plugs using the flashing check engine light for code reading as per here

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