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Legcy MKIV Estate 2.0R auto Gearbox fault


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Hi guys


I had the garebox serviced last year on my 122k mile 2006 Legacy but they changed the service filter not the internal one. The box has never changed up very well and at times is jumpy now and occasionally feels llke it wont move then suddently off we go. I was thinking of doing the inernal filter, service filter, ATF oil again. I'll use genuiene Suby parts of course.

The pan sealant is hard to get in this country.

Any thoughts would be welcome.



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H Greenmaba.


Thanks for the reply. It was done at the local dealer so I'm hoping they used the right stuff. The level is correct.


The service history was good up to 6k then patchy up to 100k. 


its been great until now. It has the rusty bulk head bit done last year and I've had 4wd system and service done.





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Check your auto box before taking the pan off as it might not have an internal filter - I was all set to do the same to my 2.0r auto impreza and discovered there were x2 types of auto box.

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