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This mornnig I rang Simpsons Subaru at Swindon and ordered a set of mud flaps.

Whilst chatting to Jason the parts guy I learnt that the Battery problem that I experienced with my car is extremely common on UK vehicles . He saisd the original batteries aren't up to the stop start system demands.

He told me that the replacement  Yuasa batteries supplied under warranty are much better quality and should prove reliable.

Subaru still bring all their vehicles upon import to a site a 1/2 mile from wher I live to do the UK spec work ( locking wheel nuts etc) and store the vehicles there.

I also learnt that vehicles can bes stored for some time before sale. The Cosworth Subarus of some years ago were nearly  3 years old before they were sold and registered!

All in all a very useful chat and he reinforced the fact that Subaru UK don't specify changing the CVT transmission oil.

He told mre that an apprentice didn't reealise this and drained the CVT gearbox on a car which cost £200 for the oil required to fill it.

I'm now looking forward to receiving and fitting my mud flaps.


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THANK YOU for this.

I have a new e-boxer and there is an ongoing Battery problem.

I will have to ask the S Wales dealer to replace.

YES-I had thought about how old the actual Battery really is and what condition it was in when I got the vehicle-also it has a vey low capacity=48AH??



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DO you please know what is the Capacity of the replacement Battery(YUASA) ??

--given the low value of the original aux 12volt(48AH) and stop/start at 45AH.

Any feedback would be helpful



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