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Electric window fault


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Hi all, I've recently bought a second hand 2003 forester and love it!

 However, the drivers side window does not work. I'm no mechanic or electrical wizard but I 'think'  it's just the motor thats gone. I've tried looking for advice in other places online but not had much luck. 

If it is the motor then are they reasonably priced and easy to source and is it a job I can do myself with a bit of common sense? 

Thanks so much in advance for any help.


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Hi Jim - you should be able to diagnose the faulty area with a rudimentary flying lead (12v lamp and some wire) or multimeter.

You will be looking for a 12v signal to the motor. Door panel easy enough to get off then check for 12v supply to the switch then 12 v from the switch the motor




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Motors are super common on these due to water ingress  (done hundreds of them) .

only 2 power wires on motor so easy test and can wire either way round as polarity switches for up and down ...

Read the thread linked for some info .

I'll try link a used rear motor (don't buy a front as be well used and likely got some water ingress plus they over charge for fronts .
Don't buy new pattern part or refurbed as they are ALL garbage ... genuine used rear passenger is best option ...
Genuine new is stupid money (£200 roughly)

Here's a rear passenger motor on regulator, 3 screws to take it off regulator and fit to your regulator, is easy but make best effort on bit fitment as if cam out the screws inside the door the whole regulator got be pulled .


job jobbed ...

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