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Impreza 2.0 R Wagon


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Hi all

First time poster. 

I am looking for some urgent guidance.

I am looking to buy  the above car.

It is spotless. Only issues I could see were.


1. Both front tyres have only a few mm  of tread left but are legal.

2. Rear light cluster has misting within on if the casings. 

3. EML is on. Owner who is in the trade (works for a national garage) has taken it and diagnosed the fault as oxygen sensor. 

car has covered 63000 miles. Had belt done at 40k and has good service  history.

I've done an extended vehicle check and also paid for a premium valuation on the car. Vehicle checks all fine. Valuations are my concern.

Seller is asking £2200 or nearest offer. Seemed reasonable to me given the circumstances given the low mileage and good condition. 

I got an insurance quote and my insurer will not let me list the valuation more than £1240

What car valuation private excellent is showing £1820

Parkers premium adjusted valuation which cose me a fiver is saying £1300

My initial thinking was if all was OK I was going to offer him 1800 based on the known issue having not had it valued at the time and given his initial asking price. 

But now I have had it valued I am not so sure. Genuinely seems a tidy well loved car, but I really don't think the Owner is willing to reduce his price that much having spoken to him. Think he would rather keep it.

I am in a hurry as I need a car but certainly do not want to pay over the odds for a 16 year old car no matter how tidy.


Can anyone offer any thoughts?


Thanks in advance





Screenshot_20210918-142911_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Given prices Subarus are commanding at the moment I think he will not take a really low offer - TBH I think the asking price and what you propose are fair for that motor but that is just my opinion based upon the information I am getting sent through for a 2.0 RX which has gone from 2400 to 3100 in the last 18 months

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