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Sounding out interest - 4 x 16" Outback wheels fitted with good condition Hankook winter tyres


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I have 4 x 16" wheels complete with very good condition Hankook I'Cept Evo 215/16 60 winter tyres. Getting too old to swop over with my summers so probably going to change to all seasons. The wheels are shabby but do the job during winter. The tyres are about 6 years old I think but in all that time have maybe done 3-4k miles if that. They fitted originally my Gen 3 OB, currently fit my Gen 4 but probably wouldn't fit Gen 4 Legacy with the bigger brakes. Probably fit other Subaru models too. I'm thinking around 100 for all 4 collected from IG7 4J. If anyone is keen to see photos I'll put them up, currently stored under cover.

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Good luck with the sale.

For anyone with a Forester interested in these, i use the winter set from our previous 2003 (same fitment as 2007 model) Outback's winter set on our 2008 Forester XT, in fact cos it was sunny i swapped them over this very afternoon.

Like yourself when these 2 sets have done their time i too shall swap over to all seasons, the quandry will be use the 16" winter wheels or the OE 17" summer wheels, both of which are as new due to the relatively high profile 55 /60 aspect tyres.

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