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New owner/member needs some help


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Hi All


ive just got a 2005 3.0h6 and would appreciate some advice on couple of subjects 


1) where is best place to get ultimate sat nav disc as the map works shows me where I am etc but I can’t enter a postcode or destination so I assume it needs latest version.


2) any suggestions on where to get spare parts either used or OEM ? 
the glass which covers the indicator lights on passenger side wing mirror is broken but being a numpty I can’t identify a part number for it to search on abs despite registering with some in line breakers I’ve had no joy !!! HELP 🙂 lol 

3) there is quite a lot of scratches etc on the paintwork in loads of different places which I would happy enough to just patch up myself so it doesn’t look so shabby (all on numbers etc so not causing rust thank goodness) I’ve found the colour code is 39D but again I’d appreciate recommendations on kits etc to do your own scratch repairs 


thank in advance for any suggestions abs happy new year to all 🙂 



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11 hours ago, gingagaga said:

Make paint at home !! Lol I’m not B n Q 😭

😄 not you make the paint, companies will make the paint up according to the code you supply and then send it to you in either a rattle can or tin for you to use at home

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