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XV Car Battery Replacement purchase guide


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Last night, my car Battery was dead and had to be jumped started 2nd time in a year but think new OBD drained battery), so decided to look at how it cost to replace OEM Battery....
A few places keep offering the 'Bosch S4 024' Battery but that has no Stop/Start (S/S) tech.

Kwick-Fit the onl;y that offered S/S Battery in the form of 'Bosch S4E40' at price of £195 but also just found same battery from tayna.co.uk for £89.99 (this battery has EFB for S/S)

I notice my current states Q-85 and see Halfords are selling a 'YBX77005 (Q55/Q85) Yuasa EFB S/S' for £142

I have read on a few USA forums, that the AGM tech way better.  Is there a battery that AGM for the XV?

Bosch info on AGM vs EFB

Any one had to repalce their battery yet?

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Sorry to hear you've had that hassle GGMan.  I'm guessing the XV is just out of warranty (2018 - 3 years?) If not, I'd ask a dealer to look at it, and trace a cause/fund a replacement

Any idea what caused the Battery to become flat?  It's only 3 years old.  I know  that the newer Subarus have a lot of electronic tech, but I've not had to replace a Battery on any of my cars in the last 20 plus years.  I've kept most of these cars for 5 years or so, diesels and petrol.  It's bad news if Subaru vehicles trash their batteries so quickly.


Edit: Sorry just re-read your post and you suggested the OBD was at fault.  Had you plugged something in to it?

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I've ordered myself a Battery monitor, as only cost me £12, as I had nectar points to spend. As I'm curious as to Battery health and charging.

System does say Battery at v14.2.




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9 minutes ago, GGMan said:

I've ordered myself a battery monitor, as only cost me £12, as I had nectar points to spend. As I'm curious as to battery health and charging.

System does say battery at v14.2.




You can also get an instant Battery charge level by putting the car into 'dealer mode' and/or 'factory mode'.  On the infotainment console, press and hold the home button  while simultaneously pressing the scroll/tune button twice (or 6x for the other mode).  Then select from the menu for various readings including Battery charging/state. Works with the engine both running or off.

v14.2 or 14.3 is also what my OB currently (no pun intended 🙂 ) reads with the engine running. I think that's a pretty healthy/normal reading.

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Yea, that what mine was showing but still went dead. 

On my Car Scanner Pro, I've set it up to give me an alert if ECU voltage drops below (ECU voltage, matches that on console)

Plus with Battery monitor, I can test and see if the OBD scanner is not going into power saving mode.

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