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Source for good quality rear wheel bearings?


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My 2010, 2.0 litre, petrol manual Forester has developed an increasingly loud hum from the rear after 80k miles.  I have it booked into a local garage for inspection soon and repair but my concern is that they either; A) Source the wheel bearing direct from Subaru dealer at an inflated price or  B) Use a cheap and nasty, low-quality part from a no-name manufacturer.

The garage replaced my front control arms a while back and it cost me almost £1,000 because they bought the parts direct from Subaru at £300+ per arm saying that alternative parts were impossible to source. They are good people and mechanics but maybe not up to speed with Subaru parts sources.

Does anyone know where good quality, properly engineered rear wheel bearings for my car can be sourced? 

( I have changed the rear diff oil and it looked it decent condition, colour of golden syrup, no "glitter" in it, just a slight coating of grey sludge adhering to the magnetic filler plug. Any "bits" in the oil dissolved into grey smears when pressed and didn't seem to be bits of gears. So I'm hoping that the rear diff is not the culprit. I've also just fitted 4 new Michelin Climate Control+ 2 tyres and the noise is still there, so probably not rear diff "wind up". )




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4 hours ago, Jay762 said:

ICP are a good alternative to main stealers prices


+1, for genuine that decent price and assume you likely get 10% off that if say you a subaru club member .

Is worth noting eBay got 20% off code LOVE20OFF at moment so you could get this SKF at sensible money (£55) from parts in motion (we use them a lot and stock parts using 20% codes as sometimes it stupid cheap)


(Check with seller by sending reg to confirm part correct)

Is lot of poor quality parts aftermarket these days (ECP and NAPA being 2 pumping lot of garbage)  so we tend use original more than ever for suspension parts and elec sensors as prices can be that close but the quality and function is no where near close lol .

Garbage parts and most factors stocking garbage is one of biggest problems in car repair trade today .

Diff swarf looks normal ...

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Thank you for the helpful replies Mr B and Jay 762.  

I finally got the repair done. Was planning on doing it myself but it was impossible to identify which side it was coming from. And weather has been awful for lying on muddy gravel working on my car in the rain. Garage identified N/S rear wheel bearing as culprit and replaced it for £250. I'll do the next one myself. 

Just have to deal with front section of exhaust blowing now (seems to be the most expensive part of the exhaust....cats, sensors and twisty bits...sods law) 

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