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The 6MT Gearbox on my 2016 XV.

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Having driven various 4x4 in the past, mainly abroad in remote locations like Angola. And, having driven such vehicles has a series 2A Landrover, I find that the 6MT gearbox on my 2016 XV is about the worst gearbox I've ever used in my life!

For a start it bauks when trying to change down, especially going from 5th to 4th gear. You can easily land up in 2nd gear. I can't get used to this stupid idea of the gear lever springing to the centre position by design either. The clutch is also very unusual in that it engages very early from release.

I should have taken the damn thing back as soon as I bought it, but I tried to get used to it, blaming myself.

Anyway I complained to Subaru, but they wouldn't wear it. Even though I've tried other XV's with 6MT gear boxes that were better. Too me their a load of con merchants and I am not surprised that not many Subaru's are sold in this country.

I was told by a local gearbox expert that it was the clutch that was wrongly built up from starters. But still Subaru wouldn't wear it. 

I changed to Redline oil in my transmission ages back,

which was some improvement, but it still bauks.

Lately I had to get my car fixed by a local garage because I'm getting on and am suffering from some kind of arthritis, which is bye and bye.

The garage that did the job didn't give me a full report at the time, and the mechanics had left went I turned up for my car. So I went back to ask them the score last week. During the conversation I mentioned the gearbox, and they said the 6MT was known for a weak synchromesh and the poor change downshifting.


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subaru gearbox's do get described as being a bit notxhy and take a bit of getting used to (i switch between a ford foucs and a hawk sti and damn does it take a few mins to switch my brain over haha). as far as clutch position and stifness is totaly dependant on the clutch thats in it, how worn it is etc.


im not sure how the 6 speed in the xv compares to the 6 speed in the impreza sti's (i shall go and do some digging out of interest), but the 6 speed sti box is mega strong, but as said a bit notchy so takes some getting used to

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