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EJ257 STI Engine Failure


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Food for thought!

Impreza STI hatchback on 70k miles, with full Subaru dealership history goes in for a routine engine oil and oil filter change. Before hand the car had been running perfectly as it should; within 10 miles of driving after picking the car up a knocking sound develops in the engine which has now been revealed as cylinder 3 big end bearing failure! 

In everyone's own opinion; where does the blame lie? Is somebody at fault for this?


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the 2.5 is well known for shatting itself. ring lands and headgaskets are the common ones but bearinf failure isnt that uncommon either.

Could it be something they did? possibly, but at 70k miles i expect it was on the way out and just conicidence. Either way, unless you have some prrof of them doing the damage, like vid of them thrashing the hell out of it, you wont get anywhere anyway, subaru never accepted there was a problem witht he 2.5, depsite it being well documented.


To find out the damage will need to be stripped and assessed, i expect it will be found to be wear and tear on the bearings. What you do next is pretty much up to you, if you plan on keeping the car then i'd see about getting the engine rebuilt properly and forged maybe even closed decked depending on budget. If you plan to get rid then you can either sell it as  a rolling Shell, or source a second hand engine. really depends on your plans and budget.

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