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2001 bug eye green wrx father and son project

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thought id start a thread to keep a record, my son has plans lol. not all of them will happen ( i like the wheels he wants concave) just to see where i can go with restoring the car.

it has welding, it needs more, a leaky boot and blow on the exhaust, rear roll bar bushes, one alloy has a kerb ding just to start the job list.

some stuff has been done. correct me if i am wrong never owned a turbo before so its all new. according to previous owner it has a bailey dump valve, stainless headers and stainless decat exhaust ( hks?), adjustable suspension, pro drive inter cooler, boost gauge and a few other red bits. a previous owner was a pilot at raf lakenheath so he said. 

i can go out in the dark yet the headlights were like candles and it was pretty hairy, suggestions for new bulbs/hids?

excuse the camera work

thanks all




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Looks like a nice base to start from , not many left in that colour either . Think I might have seen the car before,  as I'm on the south Suffolk coast (so fairly local to lakenheath) .

Mines a 94 and the headlights were shocking to start off with,  "Osram nightbreakers " bulbs have definitely improved things but I've had the same bulbs for 8 years . So couldn't tell you if there's better options available now .

If the oil leak is giving a burning smell after a spirited drive ? 

Probably drivers side cam cover and half moons,  as these see a lot of heat cycles being so close to the uppipe on that side .

All the best with it 


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