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How would I go about getting an expert to check out a car before purchasing?


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Hello all! 19 year old lad here from West Midlands, looking at buying a Blobeye STI within the next 6 months or so. I have never worked on cars before but have been watching countless videos on how to do certain things for the past 5 years (obviously doesn't equate to real experience and getting my hands dirty, but I'm not completely clueless I'd like to say).


Was wondering how plausible it is to hire an expert in this era of Subarus to check out a car I want to go and visit, as I can check the common issues myself (rear struts rusting, arch rust, boot rust, piston knock/slap, headgasket issues, etc), but was hoping I could pay someone who is a lot more knowledgeable than me to check for any things I may miss, as it is my first car I am buying and I am not confident within my own abilities to check everything if I'm being honest.


Does anyone know the rough rates people may charge for doing this, and how to contact/find them? I can cover all travel expenses and then pay extra on top for checking out the car.


Cheers guys, 


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