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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all, New member here. Just posted on NASIOC and another sub-forum on here. Im just looking for some advice besides the usual nay-sayers that will always offer the usual buy a WRX. This is out of the question unfortunately. As the title suggests I just bought a 2005 Forester EJ20 XT and im looking to engine swap into my daily 2008 Impreza 1.5r Hatchback non turbo. I have both complete running and driving cars and aim to sell the rest of the forester and my 1.5 engine and gearbox to help fund the project as I go. I have space and some tools but will need to hire an engine crane, anything else specialist etc. I do also have connections with friends and a couple local workshops/garages I can quote to help me but i'm still debating just how much of this I want to take in myself. I did study automotive mechanics at college for 3 years but have no real experience with a project of this size. Please let me know any advice you'd have for a first timer and any advisory maintenance I should look into pricing for "while it's out anyway" lol. Would love to find a similar conversion or comparable build that's been done I could use for information but I haven't found much so far on NASIOC, even with the popularity of the hatchback in the USA Cheers in advance guys. Pics of Both cars and the EJ engine should be attached.
  2. Hi, I was told this came off of a 600 bhp subaru and nothing more. Anyone have any more info about it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Got a 2009 forester recently. It has a nasty scratch and rust on the front bumper. You guys have any advice regards how to repair this, i.e products, guides? Cover the rust and paint the whole piece? Want to do a proper job, forester deserves it. Thanks
  4. Hi. I have a seibon Carbon bonnet on my 2005 blobeye however the current washer jet nozzles seem to be too small and move about in the new bonnets holes, are larger ones available and does anyone know from where or have any ideas. Gratefull for your responses.
  5. Hi guys/galls, Looking to change my wheels quite soon but I'm having trouble choosing! 🤔 As she looks now. I'm gonna load some pics (numbered but not named) and I haven't yet chosen a make, so they're a guide only for now, I'd appreciate your feedback and comments. On my last Scooby, '09 WRX Hatch I went for the Wolfrace Asia-Tec in gunmetal. (#1) and they looked awesome. 😁 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, So far I'm leaning towards 4 & 1, love the jdm look. Thanks for looking! 👍
  6. Hi there' huge Subaru fan' - Totally in love with my Bugeye Wrx! I've previously had a classic, 2 Blob eyes and a blob Sti' - I've come to understand there's Only one car for me and it's the Impreza' - I've had the bug since march 16 but I need some help' - been consentrating on external upgrades but I need a map or engine upgrades - I'm running a TD05 turbo and cold air induction, full decat etc - manual boost dial' if I set the boost near 15psi or above its cutting out on full boost' loss of power for like a second then back on - can't be good for the engine so I run low boast until solved but it's frustrating as I'm missing horses! could it be fuel starved if the injectors arnt upgraded? many thanks :)
  7. Hi We have a 58 plate old shape Forester, low mileage and in good condition Had the cambelt and a rear wheel bearing changed by a dealer recently, no problems really but while taking it there the exhaust broke. I was advised it couldn't be repaired. The dealer then disposed of the exhaust (without asking) I'm was quoted a price of around £1,600 for a Subaru replacement, dealer advised me to find an alternative via a local garage or specialist who may possibly make one up for less than the cost of the Subaru part? Any suggestions please, are compatible exhausts available at all? in the Wrexham Shrewsbury area Regards Rob
  8. Hello, Just after some advice on what you guys would do, I've had an RX for about 2 years now due to insurance issues with my age they wouldnt cover me on a turbo back then I now can get insurance! Found a lovely wrx in a main dealer garage it has fsh, vosa verified miles, hpi clear, receipts for everything done to it and 65k miles. All seems great but it's had 6 owners, I would be the 7th! would this scare you off? Making me have second thoughts. It's a 2007 Hawkeye. Don't know what to think any advice gladly received. Cheers!!
  9. Hi Everyone I was hoping some experienced subaru owners might lend me some of their knowledge Hopefully soon ill be getting my first subaru, a 2004 forester 2.5 XT. Im really looking forward to it but i was hoping for some advice on what to look out for and what to ask the current owner as the car is too far away for me to check it out and i dont want to waste a trip. The car has around 89,000 miles (which im sure really means 90,000) and will have a full mot when i buy it. Its just failed the mot with worn front droplinks, a leaking CV boot and a brake fluid leak which the owner is now getting fixed. Its had some work done to it including the cambelt, new aluminium radiator, BC Racing Adjustable coilover suspension & stainless steel exhaust. It also sounds like the car has been used for towing another car at least once. I was wondering what questions should i be asking, what should i expect when i go and see it and what should i be looking out for as red flags to turn the other way. I know im asking people to do alot of the work for me on this but i cant seem to find any buyers guides on the car or any consistent information of common problems. Im already aware of some of the more common little faults - window motors, sunroof problems, window wind noise etc but none of the main mechanical ones. Any help at all will be very much appreciated. Thanks Jelly
  10. Hi all, I am looking to buy my first Subaru, as i have recently realised that my dream of owning an Impreza WRX STI can now become a reality following four years of (mostly) careful driving which has allowed me to build up enough no claims to make insurance finally affordable. I am torn between either the 2004 or 2006 models as i think they are the best looking ones within my budget, does anyone have any advice on making this decision? (ie how are they to drive, mpg, power and delivery, refinement, depreciation, and reliability/parts which may need replacing soon etc) i would really appreciate all advice from people who know these cars! I am currently looking at this one because it is just spectacular looking (although a bit out of my budget!) does anyone know anything about it??: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201406175078961/usedcars?logcode=visc Or maybe this one too (bit more realistic): http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201311220080324/usedcars?logcode=visc I am really looking for an untouched car which is as standard as possible as this will help with insurance and hopefully maintenance fees!? Does anyone recommend any dealers/inspection firms as i would like to have any car i was going to buy checked over beforehand to save on any nasty surprises down the line.. Cheers in advance for any and all advice!
  11. how do all. new on here had my wrx wagon few months looking to start tuning. already have backbox on and a catless downpipe on the way, what is the best way to release the power that the car has there but dosn't use?? seen a lot of people saying ebc and mbc to increase boost and others saying a remap and others saying openport software. what do you guys reccomend?? cheers
  12. I am about to purchase my first Subaru Forester and would like to know how reliable they are and if there is anything I should be aware of or need to check before I part with any money. Advice and suggestions gratefully received. Also if I go ahead with the purchase does anyone know where I can buy a set of wind deflectors for the 2004 model. Many thanks
  13. Hey peeps. I'm looking to buy my first n wondering what should I be looking for on the 2nd hand market? I'd love a WRX STI or summit close to like but what should I be looking out for. Also what to look for wen test driving and looking round one. Any help would be sound. Thanks :)
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