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Can a 2l Sport provide spares for a 2000 Turbo


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Hi Everyone,


I have a 1999 Impreza 2000 AWD turbo, a mate of mine has just asked me if I want to buy his imprezza for spares for mine however his is a 1998 2l Sport non turbo. Does anyone know which parts are transferable eg.


Body panels and glass?

Running gear eg. Gearbox, diifs, drive shafts proper shaft, 

Ecu Electronics window motors etc etc.

Lights, interior dash etc.


Or can anyone point me in the direction of where to find out the similarities and differences between these two models




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Body pannels , lights , glass , leccy window motors, interior trim and seats (pretty much anything non mechanical) is interchangeable .

The sports engine, gearbox, shafts, diff ,ecu ect .... wouldn't be a straight swap and would be weaker than the turbo 2000 standard equipment

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I'd take it mate I take it it's an MOT fail strip what you want sell the engine and everything that goes with it and what you don't need and scrap the rest. 

But I guess depends if you have space and time. But I think would be a good buy myself 

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prop shaft and drive shafts are all the same non turbo and turbo, the rear diff engine and gearbox are different, the rear brakes are drums on a sport not discs but the fronts are usually the same, exhaust from the cat back is thinner on the sport but is the same fit and most of the wiring for the engine electrics is different, everything else will swap over, worth getting for future spares at that price, a couple of bumpers and the glass and boot would probably cost you what your getting the car for tbf

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