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subaru forester stb sti key stuck in ignition.


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Hi i have a old subaru forester stb sti with a automatic box.  I did lose the only ignition key i had for it, a lock smith broke in to my car and made a copy for me ,lucky for me there was no alarm system fitted. Now only works with key . The car has been left in the garage for a while so went out to to start all fine ,.moved it on to drive way and let it tick over. when turned engine off in park position the key is now stuck in ignition. I have left it on the drive and disconnected the Battery and locked with second key from lock smith.

Advice required 

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assuming your new key been used before (tried & tested) without issues it likely a fault with the auto selector position switch linked to key barrel with a lockout control .
try nudging selector ever so slightly in various directions and try remove key each time you nudge selector lever a bit ...

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Thank you for the reply Mr B.

I took stb sti to amp auto electrician in Hertford.

Mark had the key out in a minute , being a older model. on key barrel is manual switch, turn the stuck key forward, then push  switch in at the same time while holding switch in turn key back to release position and remove.

Now book in to check auto selector / switch.


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