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Potential engine rebuild!!!! HELP


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Hi all, wondering if anyone can help 

I have a 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX and yesterday was told that my car is developing an issue with the bottom end of the engine and that a rebuild would be required. I don’t have much knowledge on Subarus and what causes the bottom end to give up but can someone please tell me 


1 -how do I find out if the bottom end is on its way out

2 - how much would it cost to have this rebuilt? 

3 - if I was to keep driving it what’s the worst that could happen? (Not that I probably would drive it as I’ve only covered around 2000 miles in the last 5 years)


I know the car isn’t worth much as it’s only a WRX but she is the baby and don’t want to be getting rid of her even though the engine is giving up! 


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1- what did they say was going on? how did they diagnose it? often the engine becomes noisey/rattly at around 2k rpm when the bottom end starts to go.

2-given the age and reason for failure (assuming accurate) i would budget for at least 5k+ for a proper job. I expect alot of parts will be heavily worn and need replacing which bumps up the price, prob worth looking at internal upgrades as well. I would also expect to need the heads to be workd, valve seats redone, new valves etc etc etc. It will need stripping and assessing before you will truley know what condition its in.

3- Engine go boom, makes the whole engine scrap, takes out the turbo etc

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