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Gas Prices

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On 6/17/2022 at 9:48 PM, qualityadvice said:

Crazy indeed, i feel we are pressured to up our earning game to make sure we pay our bills

It's okay as MP Rachel Maclean said we could always go and get higher paid jobs haha 😄 

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198.9p a litre for good stuff near me, personally I do not not do enough mileage for it to be a huge burden and got a diesel 55-60mpg capable if need do economic longer journeys but the knock on effect to all other costs is going start hitting people and economy pretty hard.
I got no idea why US didn't release more oil get price down as Putin laughing at the moment .
Down side is going make electric easier push and the consumer only find out how that not great ownership ease/cost or great environment benefit in the next decade .

Value of Subarus used going be affected, very much so for 6 cylinders one would expect as that always a concern to many before this price jump ...
When gallon of petrol is £9 sub to low 20mpg makes you cringe  and more so when feeding the kids, paying utility bills and mortgage all increased as well .

World is quite a mess and frankly I would expect much worse is coming .

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