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Wagon 2 project


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This is my project

I have copied and pasted from another forum

As most of you know, after breaking my old wagon, (due to unforseen circumstances) Clives wagon was still up for sale and i then had the funds to buy it so in October 2011 i had myself a new wagon which was modded even better than my last one, so i did not need to spend any money on it to get to to my last spec

Now it was a very good buy and the only issue i could find was a few weeks after taking ownership the cel was showing code 22 knock sensor (Which clive told me about there was a tempermental issue with this coming up and could not clear the code even after replacing the sensor)

Last week for my own piece of mind i took it to SRR and Simon at JGM plugged in his laptop and confirmed there was no det etc and was running fine

apart from it felt a bit sluggish to what it should be which is due to the ECU pulling timing from the fault. This issue is slowly being worked on and i will keep you advised as to how this is resolved but im not spilling the beans just yet :whistle:

Now i was more than happy with the wagon and had no plans to change it but after 3 months it just didnt feel right as it was in my eyes still Clives wagon as he spend the money and time on it and was not something i created so i come to the decision to make some changes on it.

Now the spec i believe how it was when i bought it: (perhaps Clive can confirm)

Full Fujitsuba decat exhaust system

Full whiteline package, including 22mm rear on full hardness, solid droplinks progressive race springs, fast road geometry by GRD.

Carbon fibre STI front strut brace.

Front mount intercooler

Morrette headlights with Xenon bulbs

Cibie Driving lambs

Forge BOV

Magnacor hi spec HT leads.

Standard uk 5 speed box

Standard interia

Sti 16" gold rims with budget tyres on

Body wise, the car has a genuine STI upper rear spoiler,

P1 front lower lip splitter in GRP.

Power wise:

VF24 turbo, ported by AP.

HKS EVC6 boost controller set to 1.4bar. 2 stage boost control, scramble boost and boost cut.

333.8BHP, 317LBFT of torque. Running ECUTEK ecu, Mapped by Simon (JollyGreenMonster) at Surrey Rolling Road, with lots of pops and bangs on over run.

And some pics of the car how it was when i purchased it (Thanks to clive to allow me to use his pics and sorry for some poor pics due to my rubbish phone)










Now i still have some parts left from breaking my old wagon which i may use some of them so this is where the changes start.

Firstly i had a carbon fibre induction scoop so this was fitted within a few weeks or purchasing (Still need to take pictures of this)

Forge bov was changed to HKS

Now after a trip to Pete @ S/E Imprezas with Leggie today, who was going up to buy a few parts for his mate, i purchased a APS induction kit which was still fitted to Petes car and i believe had not been put up for sale at the time (Thanks pete for removing this there and then)


Now when we arrived back i decided to change the front sidelights to black crystal clear which i still had from my old wagon

Pic Before


Pic with after fitting the Black crystal clear


and a comparison.


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right a little update.

the last time i saw the wagon a month ago it was in leggies garage looking like this


now a month later now i can get back out and on my feet i see the wagon today looking like this


Leggie has in his spare time had the inlet manifold off, changed the wiring loom, took some parts to Dan at surrey subaru For Dan to get them powder coated. this included manifold , header tank, aps caik which is not fitted yet and a few brackets. So both Huge thanks for Leggie and Dan on this.

Although it dont seem alot done in a month, most of it was waiting on me to decide what to do with it and Leggie in his spare time when he had some to work on the car, even if it was an hour at night

So further on today it was then turned to look like this



And some wheels i aqquired




It not finished under the bonnet yet

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Wagon 5speed dccd and a td05 16g went to tfs racing to be assembled.

I decided to go back to tmic and not fmic due to all the oil etc in the pipe work from the front mount and then stew took it along to srr for Simon to map.

Currently on 304bhp which is where I told Simon to stop at 300 until I do further mods

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Very nice thread mate. And look's great mind you I thought that car looked great from the start :D

So what is your final BHP goal when complete ? 

And you had to say VW Golf Miggs will be your best mate now, as he's from the Golf world before seeing sense :D

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