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Solterra recall

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No word yet on the fix for the wheels coming loose on the new Solterra yet. I note that the factory where the vehicle is produced has now announced that it will shut for the whole month of August. Subaru need to put out a statement updating their customers and their dealers on the situation. 

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Brilliant these EV vehicles, scrap before even drive them ...
I hate to evaluate manufacture to waste lifetime carbon values of modern short life products ...
Assume it linked to rapid torsional loads/drag created by electric motor ! will be keeping an eye on news updates on this lol .
I should be all but retired before the current EV/Hybrid bank account emptying garbage becomes independent garage bread & butter thankfully lol ...

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Really highlights the current manufacturing negligence and engineering effort to reduce everything to minimal expenditure, durability and lifespan .
Not good for Subaru, It's golden age of top reliability and good gumption engineering is down the toilet thanks to the diesel, hybrid issues and general electrical glitches, poor durability on the newer models .
Luckily haven't sold many.
What amazes me is how so many people can so easily spend 30 to 60 grand on this modern vehicle garbage !

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Assume it elec motor to hub issue but usual no clarity on real nuts and bolt of it lol  (much like diesel crank and Hybrid parasitic/battery issues lol) .
Would assume it a pretty difficult fix post manufacture as if was not embarrassing and was easy remedy it would of been highlighted so as this bad press costs them millions and creates massive environmental waste from manufacturing & shipping faulty garbage all over the place for nothing lol .
Anyone who thinks current electric vehicles going save the environment really need look into industrial manufacture & electricity manufacture and think a bit harder, you won't fix issues of industrialism by throwing more industrialism at it .
If it wasn't so serious it would be funny ... I remember good old Subarus that do 20 to 30 years service and hardly ever need any major parts.
Anything euro 5 onwards fills a skip with repair and service parts in 8 years and vehicle itself pretty much crusher garbage within 10 years, not even much salvage interest as such poor engineering/manufacture .

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I have attached the above link for people that speak Polish to read the original article. Below is the best job I could make of the translation to English so apologies if every word is not correct.


An annoyed reader, Mr Paul, wrote to us. He ordered a Toyota bZ4X AWD, signed the contract, paid the down payment. The car was supposed to be available for collection by the end of August 2022. Now he has learned that he will definitely not get the car on time, that he will have to wait until next June and - not exactly directly - that he will be the one to pay for the wheels falling off. 

The text has been updated. The latest information is at the bottom.

Toyota bZ4X. Another sign to be wary of cars made by startups
Mr Paul, in January 2022, decided to place an order for two Tesla Model 3s. As collection was delayed, he went to a Toyota showroom in April. At the showroom, he placed an order for a Toyota bZ4X in the Executive equipment version with both axle drive and a matching JBL audio system. Initially, everything was going well: he was given access to a mobile app with which he could track what stage his car was at. It was through this that he learned that his Toyota bZ4X had already arrived in Poland. His salesman was golden, telling it like it is and not what he wanted to hear.

Toyota bZ4X at the Toyota Wola showroom. Illustrative photograph
And suddenly something bad started to happen. He found out that two other people who had bookings for the bZ4X had simply... cancelled them. As a result, he called the showroom. He heard that he could cancel his booking. He can also keep it. As the wheels are falling off, the car has to go back to the factory. The cost of this operation was passed on to him, as the price of his bZ4X goes up by 25,000 zloty. The higher price means that the subsidy threshold is exceeded, making it impossible to apply for a subsidy. Another tens of thousands of zloty behind.

And then there is the acceptance date: his Toyota bZ4X was due by the end of August 2022, it will be in June 2023. Provided he accepts the conditions mentioned above.

From a letter circulating around the dealerships and which he received from a friend, it appears that the orders from May and June 2022 have been completely cancelled. Because of the problem of wheels falling off, which still has no solution. Its contents are slightly frightening:

Toyota bZ4X: cancellation of confirmed production (2022-05 and 2022-06) and delays in NCO orders

Dear Sirs,

We have received information from TME [Toyota Motor Europe - ed. of Elektrowoz] about the cancellation of confirmed May and June production of the bZ4X model. The factory will not produce any more units of this model, tentatively until the end of 2022 [Elektrowoz editor's emphasis], resulting in an extended lead time of 6-8 months. In view of the above:

'orders affected by the cancellation of confirmed production have again been given the status 'unconfirmed' in Kanri (...)'.
Well, and he is in a quandary. He has a clause in his contract that the company can change the price when the euro costs more than 5 zloty. The price of the euro did not exceed this threshold and yet Toyota raised the price for him, i.e. unilaterally broke the contract. He could go to court over this, only when will there be a settlement? Who has the time for that? As he said: he is looking for an alternative. He is hoping that maybe Tesla will wake up. If not, he'll have to buy something else....

Note from the editors www.elektrowoz.pl: we included the mid-title not by accident. Although Toyota has been on the market for many years, it is in its infancy in the pure electric car segment. We have always cautioned gently against buying such cars, as it is well known that they are plagued by childhood problems. This can be seen, for example, in what is happening with the bZ4X.

Update 2022/08/18, 17.37: the topic is hot. Shortly after publication, it emerged that Toyota Motor Europe's position had changed. However, no surcharge will have to be paid, i.e. the price of the car will not be updated to the price list in force today, 18 August 2022.



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Wheels falling of is super strange and not being able to solve it is even stranger.

I know off topic but still to do with car sales. My father signed up for a new seat that was supposed to be delivered last august, then this april and now he been told it is this month. In the mean time Seat have said for the 1st year the car will be registered with them. Ur WTF. This is to stop my dad selling it at a profit and still undercutting the current dealers price as the price has rose that much. Some insurance companies will not insure the car in his name due to this. Now the insurance ombudsman is involved so he may be waiting longer. At every point they have tried to get my dad to cancel. Of course they want him to cancel so they can sell the car at current price to someone else.

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Toyota UK are now giving out free loan cars to customers that have a BZ4X on order and are still awaiting delivery due to the wheels coming off issue. They are telling customers that they are still unable to give any indication of when their BZ4X is likely to be delivered.

As far as I am aware no such offer is being made by Subaru to their customers that have a Solterra on order.

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 The cause of loosening of the wheel bolts was heat. They are expanding when it is hot. So over time or when you push the car to its limits, the bolts loosen.

This info was gleaned from another website and the author claimed that he was told this by a Toyota dealership. I have no idea if this is accurate.


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Another recall for the Subaru Solterra and the Toyota BZ4X.
As of now, this is a Japanese recall only.  It may only effect Japanese sold units.  


On September 1, 2022, Toyota announced that it has notified the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of the recall that there is a risk of defects in the driving support function "Lane Tracing Assist", display audio, electric parking brake, etc. in bZ4X. . Based on information from the market, it is reported that the current number of defects is 15 (total of similar recalls) and no accidents have occurred.

The recall applies to models produced between March 2, 2022 and June 2, 2022 . Please be sure to check the production period as it does not match the purchase period .

Toyota is telling you to have it checked and repaired promptly if the model you own is applicable. These measures will be implemented as needed from September 2, 2022.

You can check whether your car is a target vehicle by searching for recalls, improvement measures, and service campaigns .

If your car is subject to a recall, it is necessary to reserve a date and time to visit the nearest dealer and have it inspected and repaired. Repair charges are free and there are no costs.

*Lane Tracing Assist: A system that supports the steering wheel operation necessary to maintain lanes while radar cruise control is in operation.

A similar recall has been announced for the Subaru Solterra.

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Details of improvement

(1)All vehicles will be inspected for the installation status of the straps for assisting the deployment of the curtain shield airbags, and any inappropriate items will be corrected.

(2)All vehicles, disc wheels will be replaced with non-defective products, and hub bolts will be replaced with countermeasure products.

It will also be replaced with an instruction manual that contains notes on handling hub bolts.


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