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2007 Outback - Powerfold Mirrors but no button to fold them in?


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Hi everyone. First post here. I've just upgraded/sidestepped to a 2007 Outback (facelift) Auto from a 2006 Legacy Estate (pre-facelift) Manual. The new one has a lot of options that the other didn't, full leather, parking sensors, heated seats etc... Having been used to folding the mirrors in and out by hand on the Legacy, I discovered that the new one also has powerfold mirrors, as they folded out automatically when I turned the ignition on. But... there is no button for folding them back in again! The manual shows this button and it's definitely missing from mine. Just a blank where it would be. Seems like the button was an optional extra even after powerfold mirrors had been selected? I find that really weird.

Anyway, my question is, given that the mirrors fold themselves out at ignition on, is there a way to have them fold in at ignition off or better still, alarm activation?

Failing that, I'm wondering what would be involved in adding that missing button...

Any pointers or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Not seen any pictures but this may help.

I had the opposite situation, manual wind in and researched auto wind in based up on ignition cut. There is a loom you could buy from Japan which fits and connects tehh ignition to the mirror controls.

I believe you have the other way around and there is no retract button just the loom connected to the ignition.

If you could source the right switch unit then check the plug connection to the switch unit you may find a gap or a wire in place but not being used. So connecting up the new unit may have it working..... More likely though is teh plug will have a wire missing which you could fit yourself if yoiu are happy going through diagrams to find where to splice it into


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Thanks for the info @Jay762. I'll do some more research into that.

Something that has me wondering is that it feels and sounds wrong folding the mirrors in manually, like I'm going to break them if I keep doing it. It feels like you're fighting/forcing the motor to the point that I have a hard time believing that was by design. I need to do some more investigation to figure out if it's definitely the case that they only ever power-folded out.

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Check behind the switch mounting spot for a wiring harness which could have been disconnected if the previous owner had problems so took it out and hotwired it. Remote, but possible. If there is a disconnected wiring plug, maybe a new switch could be all you need?

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