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FastECU for OEM - new tuning/logging/flashing software in development

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Hi all Suby folks!

I have started to develop a new software to tune, log and flash Subaru ECUs. This project started an idea about year ago, to combine Subaru tuning support to my own standalone engine management system software, called FastECU. Time passed by and finally this summer I got a little kick to the project when user [B]rimwall[/B] in RomRaider forum started project to mod [B]NisProg[/B] opensource kernels to suit flashing Subaru ECUs with NisProg software. We put a little effort together and opensourced JDM Forester XT/Cross Sports ECUs to flashable! I call this fxt02 flashmethod for now on.

After that I decided that now is the time to start my tuning software project, as NisProg is command line tool, RomRaider does not support flashing (latest supports CAN-only ECU flashing via command line) and EcuFlash does not support all ECUs and is missing logging ability and is most likely also out of development. So, for now after few weeks of combining codes I have software which almost fully supports RomRaider editor definitions (support for nested base/inherit defs not yet added) and is able to open, tune and save HC16/SH7055/SH7058 ROMs (DTC disable option still missing, but coming soon).

This software is written with Qt 5.12.8 and it will work atleast on Windows 7+, both 32bit and 64bit and on Linux 64bit platforms. Possible to get working on Macs too but can't test it myself as I have only Linux and Windows machines. From NisProg I use modified opensource kernels and some snippets of code that are related to kernel read/compare/write ability.

So next steps are (not exactly in this order):

- Adding sti04 (SH7055) flashmethod and open port 2.0 support (these I am doing now)
- Adding sti05 (SH7058) flashmethod
- Adding wrx02/wrx04/fxt02 flashmethods
- Adding CAN flashmethod
- Adding Diesel ROM support
- Adding other Subaru ECUs (JECS/Hitachi etc.)
- Adding logging support
- Adding EcuFlash definition support
- Adding Nissan ECUs support
- Maybe other make/models too

I will release software for test use as soon as I have few flashmethods added and tested. This will be opensource software (under GPLv3), so source code will also be released after I have cleaned all unnecessary code from it (mostly my standalone ems code that has no use in it).

I also have my own forum for this project, found here --> https://www.syvanenmotorsport.fi/forum/index.php, that is meant to be the "base" for discussing of all things related to this software. There is already software to download to read and flash JDM Forester XT/Cross Sports ECUs. Note that this ECU is possible read and write only in car for now, haven't figured out yet what connections it needs to able to do it on bench.

This software will also support basic K-Line cables, so no need for Open Port 2.0 cable if there is no need to pulse 'Line End Check 2' -pin, that is needed for wrx02/fxt02 methods. I have myself used basic K-Line cable on fxt02 method development, I just soldered wire from FTDI-chip DTR-pin to pin9 (in Subaru FSM this pin is noted as pin8) on OBD-connector so no need for Open Port 2.0 at all.


- Miika Syvänen

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7 hours ago, Dr. Acula said:

Miika,  great post. I have an 07 JDM CROSSSPORTS 2.0T, can you please translate how that can help me.

If your ECU is AG570-AG574 series that has not been earlier flashable with EcuFlash or other free tool, you are able flash it from now on.

It has been opensourced and as I have release first version of my software, it is flashable with op2 cable. In meantime it needs either modified cable or op1.3 with dtr inverted.

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43 minutes ago, Tidgy said:

So is the plan for this to be a generic map or will it be a software for custom mapping for an experianced mapper to use?


Software for custom mapping. For read/write ECU, tune maps and logging. All in one software.

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Sti04 flashing method is working with generic K-Line OBD adapter and OP2 in both Windows and Linux. Next I need to add logging support atleast some level and test that wrx02 and fxt02 methods are fully working and then it's time to publish first test version.

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Some updates and software is uploaded on github now. There is precompiled files for Win7+ and Linux.

If someone is testing this, please comment all bugs/issues/etc. on my linked forum. It's still very badly in progress due to little time between work and family and like to hear from people how they wan't different things to work.

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