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Parking Brake Recall


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Well a letter from Subaru today telling me that my car is subject to an urgent recall for a component replacement as they believe a component in the electric parking brake might fail and the car move. Car now booked in at Simpsons Swindon for repair. Apparently half an hour's work.



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If Subaru had fitted some awful combi rear calipers that also acted as a manual park brake one could maybe forgive them, but the drum inside disc park brake is probably the best park brake design every invented, fixing a system that wasn't broke in the least was the height of idiocy.

Thankfully our three current cars all have the brilliant drum inside disc design, sum total of problems over 30+ years owning multiple cars with this design? nil.

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The hassle and expense electric handbrakes create is insane . We've had a few various vehicle transported in thanks to electric handbrake failures to disengage & I done a couple local mobile call outs to try save customer transportation costs.
Some of the systems are pretty awful to use too even when system technically fully functioning .
Amount of pointless poor engineered & cheaply sourced electrical/electronics in modern vehicles is waste of money and manufacture and a pollution concern  .
If people (excluding disabled cases) can not drive with a manual handbrake and without a stupid touchscreen vehicle interface perhaps they shouldn't drive at all, to me modern vehicle touch interfaces and jog switches are more of a safety concern than talking on a mobile .
Common sense and good engineering has gone out the window and marketing BS and !Removed! every penny they can out of consumer under false pretences and bottom of the barrel manufacture seems be the common practice ...

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On 9/23/2022 at 5:47 PM, Mr B said:

would be good if the component upgrade was a wire cable and lever system, what an engineering marvel that would be lol .
Elecric handbrakes is nothing but engineering stupidity .

😂 Yes.  I like that idea.  I've started leaving the electronic parking brake off and the car engaged in P, which is essentially what I've been doing for years with my past vehicles which all had none electronic handbrakes, and the cars left in gear.  This was after having quite a few firmly stuck brakes, requiring rear wheel removal and the application of a lump hammer to sort 'tings out.  Fortunately, my driveway is level!

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And nor should you have any problems with new cars.

When they're 14, 17 and 26 years old, as ours are, with the brilliant drum inside disc manual park brake system all with no issues of any sort , then i'll be impressed.

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