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New member from Brazil


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Hi guys, I'm a owner of a 1994 Impreza GL. The car was originally N/A with the EJ18 engine, but now I've added some wrx parts, like turbo, intercooler, downpipe, upgraded fuel pump etc.


I live in Brazil and here Subarus don't have much popularity, so it's a kinda difficult to find good parts in the local market.


I've joined the UK owner's club to exchange some information to help in my project and also look to some parts to buy.


Here are some photos:





Yes, the asphalt here its horrible.




Old photo, the only one I have with the hood open, taken when I was installing the K&N air filter.
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Wotcha and welcome - looks like the subaru is the ideal car for Brazilian roads, I like the Anthracite wheels over the gold though but I am biased as I have just had mine done that colour.


Loads of friendly advice on here and we do like photos so feel free to start your own project thread and share the progress :)

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Thanks for posting some pictures look's very nice yep the roads do look bad there :D But your weather look's better then our's :D 

Please feel free to ask away if we can help we will try our best :) 

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Another Subaru fan from abroad, Wellcome.

İmpreza GL and turbo? As far as i know this engine without turbo i'm right? İf you add it later this is incredible. I need more detail information about your project. Becuse in my coutry every one asking about 1.5, 2.0 (without turbo) turbo, is it posible or not, (cost, and reliabilty problem).


I'm expecting some picture and detailed information about your car. How did you do that, which torbo is? how many power you gain? You give me this information i will translate and share your information with your name, and you will became a known person in a country , i'm serious. Because in my country if some needs huge power buying a wrx sti, or impreza gt. But this project very important because, cheap car, high power, 4wd. this is sound good. :D

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