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For Sale: Legacy GX Lux (BE9 auto)


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Subaru Legacy GX Lux 2.5 Auto Saloon.

  • First registered 1st September 1999
  • Tax until 31st January 2014
  • MOT until 14th February 2014 (Valentine Day :wub: ) with no advisory
  • 113,750 miles, give or take.
  • Oil and filter service 1,500 miles ago.
  • Super Fast White!
  • 4-speed automatic with "Power" button.
  • 16" Impreza turbo 2000 wheels with slight corrosion.
  • Loads of tread on the tyres (fronts are less than 6 months old, rears are about 18 months old).
  • Tow bar with working electrics and a spare rear reg plate.
  • Factory fitted "Luxury pack" which includes...
  • Full leather (black) interior with a few scuffs but generally in good condition for the age.
  • Heated front seats, perfect for those cold mornings we've been having.
  • Heated electric mirrors
  • Cruise control, makes the car a great motorway cruiser.
  • Ice cold air-conditioning with climate control.  Works perfectly should you like that sort of thing.
  • Windscreen Wiper De-Icer.

The body work is showing signs of age and could use some TLC as the paint work has started to discolour in places and there are a few "touch up" areas that were done by a previous owner to a less than ideal standard.
If there is no interest on the forum, the car will go on eBay just as soon as I can get some better photos.
Make me a serious offer :) I'm based in Worcester.

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The car was first advertised on another forum about 3 months ago and didn't sell. I've been busy at work so just parked it up, I haven't bumped the thread and it's long lost now, but he contacted me via that forum within hours of me posting here... Either it's a huge coincidence or he is on both forums!

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Deal hasn't been done yet, but I've been asked for more photos so I thought I'd share.
Took these this morning before work, yes I know it need a clean and vacuum but time is against me!

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  • 9 months later...

Bizarrely enough, it was I who had this off of AdamH, as a daily after my Legacy BE 2.0 n/a called it a day. I had originally had the inkling to transfer all my mods onto it and start again, however my circumstances changed and I was able to afford to get my first boosted Subaru - and settled on a BG GTB from a member on UKLegacy.

Small world really - well, amongst us Subaru owners it seems.

Anyhow, the GX is still going strong, is now owned by my parents and is looking as fresh as ever with a complete de-tango all round and a stainless sytem to go on to release some of the burble.

Might try and get ma Pops to sign up on here (and UKL) whilst he has it. Always a good source of info for the owner.

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Get some pictures up :) I would have sprayed the walnut dash as well myself but thats to my taste :D 


We had made Adam a Moderator here with Bip but for some reason he stopped coming here so felt the need to remove him from his post not that it's hard work we have great members here which makes it really easy :D 


And with the small world with the scoobs I think it's because you don't see 100's of them every day and in the UK there isn't many forums for a lot of the Subaru models. I pretty sure we're the only forum that tries to have all models and not dedicated to just one :) I'm not even sure if the Forester even has a UK forum or not.

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................I would have sprayed the walnut dash as well myself but thats to my taste :D



Yea, I've never been a fan of walnut fascias in cars - just doesn't seem right if it's not a Bentley/RR!

Fortunately Mr Gambit, that means we both have the same taste and I WILL be spraying the ones in the GTB - probably gloss black.

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