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i'm due a long service award from work at the beginning of next year so if the misses doesn't suggest a holiday i'm gonna spend it on the car


trying to work out budget and bits so at least i have a plan,


one of the 1st things is a new exhaust, not looking for any massive power gains as i presume i'll need a piggyback ecu and map to go with it, i just want it to sound more like a flat 4 


if i go from the cat back will it be much of an increase in sound ? if i decide to delete the 2nd cat will i have problems with the lambda sensor or is it below the 1st cat ? how much will the two options muck up  the fueling ?










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forgot to add, the ht leads are as old as the car so was gonna change them too, i know that the rear plugs are a pain to change, is this the same with the leads or is there enough clearance to get them out and in again without having to take it all to bits  

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The noise level with the exhaust will be down to the manufacturer, you can have a decat exhaust with a large silencer box and keep the levels low, conversely you can have hi flow sport cats fitted followed by a straight through pipe and it will be louder than your standard setup.


from the diagrams it looks like the lamba is just after the first cat


I cant help with rear plug access on your vehicle, but Im sure one of the others will be along with the knowledge 

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Yeah i was told you have to drop the engine mounts or something along the lines to get at them ?

When i had it serviced they told me that the rear two plugs hadn't been changed for a while looking at how worn the previous mechanic couldn't be arsed

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Happens a lot that. I've heard some people just use a knuckle with the socket it worked for me but was still a Barsteward. Not sure if it's the same as a classic shape impreza but have some pictures of it being changed 

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