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Operation DIY alloy painting


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I've started....


A shop in Nottm that sells Graffiti Spray paint in 400ml cans at only £3.30 a can.. they do Florescent Orange. I asked the guy if its ok for alloy wheels and he said it sticks to anything so alloys should be a problem, he went onto say ppl buy off him and spray their whole car!


Will be interesting how this paint is, with it being fast drying and Matt finish it should look good on my white car.


So I bought some of the white base coat...




Then picked up some of these...



and started rubbing my blue wheels down today.. only managed one before it started raining lol




once all wheels are rubbed down I'll start spraying. :P

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Do you know if this paint is ok for brake callipers please?

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no its not goon on calipers, ive seen it before


 speaking of calipers ive just got another set in to recondition, stay tuned for after photos.



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no its not goon on calipers, ive seen it before


 speaking of calipers ive just got another set in to recondition, stay tuned for after photos.

I still have to sort mine out will wait now until after I've got the clutch done this Wednesday. 



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Good paint that can't beleive they sell it so cheap. Have you used any of it yet ? It will prob be quite thick, did you get any extra caps for different flow rates and what not ?

the girl there also said if you want to put a clear lacquer over it used normal car spray paint stuff. As their graffiti paint is acrylic based (like most car spray paints now). But she said there's no need.


I won't bother for now and will see how it hold up, not a big thing to whip them over if they mark too easily over winter ;)

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finally allowed to get on my wheels this weekend, so Saturday I finished off rubbing the last three alloys down and today I taped up and sprayed them in the white matt finish ready to apply the top coats of florescent orange..... next weekend ;)








used some paint tins to keep the ally off the gravel drive :)





coverage of this stuff is excellent, I've got it to cover in one go. The beauty of this graffiti paint is it's ability to cover.





We'll have to see how it dries before I put the finish coats of Matt Florescent Orange on.

My though is this graffiti artist paint will go on any surface, is fast drying and should come off and you always hear the council and train companies saying how hard it is to remove :lol:


I won't put putting as much on the inside part of the rim as opposed to the main face of the alloy.


At £3.30 a can I'm not going to worry if I need another rattle can though ;)

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