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4 pot brakes reconditioned.

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 ive just got another set of calipers to recondition.


 typical 4 pot sticking piston's one on each caliper,  nipple side on the bottom piston each set ive done always seems to have the same fault their either solid or only half working.


  i have taken photos of stripping the calipers down to their core units ready to be blasted, ported, painted and re-built using all new seals and or reconditioned parts


   new pad pins & spring clips,nipples,banjos and pistons if needed.






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i used to use grease but it took ages to get the grease out of the passageways.

 the grease method was ok but messy and it doesn't matter what you use to get them out it still makes a bang and if your fingers are in the way it hurts i can tell you....


  so now ive converted a blow gun that i can screw into the banjo thread part of the caliper and inflate them so as pushing the pistons out most of the time this works fine but there is always one that's well and truly stuck and not for moving . 

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