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1.6 Catalyic Converter

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Just wondering if anyone could help me? My dad bought whats now my 1.6 impreza brand new in June 01.

Through the years and particularly since I bought the car around 3 years ago we have been turning it into a wrx replica. I had purchased a ninja backbox and straight through middle section in stainless stainless steel, the middle section secured to the original catalyic converter. Recently though it has started to blow out due to a bit of erosion at the flange of the bracket. I have tried to source a new catalyic coverter but none of my local motor factors can find the part a part number or even a supplier. My reg won't show details on anyones system and the mechanic cant pick up the car using his computer.

I think the car might be an import as it states subaru sedan on the tax book and doesn't actually staye that it is an impreza.

Can anyone help me...I need this resolved before mot in December!!


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Wotcha and welcome - any chance you could post the model number - it should be on the plate under the bonnet on top of the strut mounting, that would help with the searching


and some photos would be great ;)

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right, your code comes back as a model finishing in Aug 2000 so just check with the company on the link as it may be the other one in this link - dont know if there is a difference? Even though the codes for the cat are the same



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Engine number is EJ161NW2VD...that one doesn't really look !Removed! the one on mine its more of a box shape!! :S

Itll be after christmas before I post up photos...iv winter wheels on and a bit of work to do around the arches...12 year old everyday runners are hard to look after!!lol...

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we do love a project thread, post as you go and you get input along the way - people who have done similar - oh and some general gibberish as well.


The pictures on the site are for illustration only, if you give the company a ring at the very least you may be able to get a part number out of them

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