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Subaru XV rust


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Had my subaru xv 2012 diesel in for rear brakes and ended up costing a lot to get fixed as brake lines were all corroded. The mechanic also spotted rust and has advised me to get rid of the car. 

We believe the flywheel is about to aswell as loud knocking from engine area that dissapears when clutch is pressed. 

Bit dissapointed as car has been driving great the 3 years ive had with little to none problems and always well maintained.  108k on the clock which is nothing compared to mileage ive done with other brands. 

Is it common for subaru to rust and does anyone know how much time and money is involved with a flywheel change? 


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I had my clutch done last year including replacing the flywheel and it was £850 but that was me sourcing all the parts and the labour is cheap in the Scottish Borders. Subaru wanted £2000.

As for the rust most cars do rust a lot underneath and you are getting having a coating applied to stop it.

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