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  1. 1. What evening is best for you ?

    • Sunday
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
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  2. 2. Race start time

    • 7.00pm
    • 8.00pm
    • 9.00pm
    • 10.pm
    • 11.pm Once I've finished looking at porn

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Right Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm after seeing whos up for a once a week race event on the game Forza 4 for the Xbox 360 and moving onto the Xbox one at a later date. 1st off what days suit you and times please vote.


Tracks: Here for order and laps 
Date: Sunday 08/12/2013 8.pm 
Car: Any Subaru only (Tune Cap is A600) 
Laps: (TBA on the Season thread on each race) 
Teams: If we get enough people sign up I can't see why we can't have a team of X2 drivers 
Point's: Will be sorted out again like F1 style system 



1. Gambit (Not my Livetag)
2. Stanton500
3. Scooby Pete
4. Mfnick
5. Dogconker 
6. Matt



Test Drivers 


In the event this is popular and we have to many, you can still apply as a stand in if one of the top 16 drops out, or can't make a weekend you can that their place. :D 

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Yeah thats it mate this is Forza 4 getting racers ready for enough of us to make the jump over. And I would keep checking Argos I was speaking to the manager before I got mine to keep checking online next day I got mine bought. :D

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Depends isn't the 22b in b class ? The newer sti's wrx in a ?

May as well set a limt and build. So i'd be happy if somone had a 22 at the top of a is it 600?.

Are you having any specific upgrades and tyre compounds or is it as long as it hits the index number anything goes ?

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I was just thinking all have Subaru's I'd say it will be the impreza unless anyone got the BRZ in a monthly pack. Make it so everything has to be off TC ABS driving line and so on. Let anyone build what they want mod wise but only to the level cap or as near as they can get it and are happy with it. I thought 600 was a good low number to get started think it's A600 or how ever they do it, but happy to up it to make it a bit faster :D


If we get enough to set teams up I was thinking to make it fair, team members would be randomly picked so some poor sod has to carry me around the track not by their choice ;)  and once teams have been picked they can pick a team name like 


Pub Monkeys 

Subaru sexyness 

We need a life

That sort of thing


And was thinking the teams mates can get together make there own designs if they want but try keep them the same as each others maybe just change the wing mirrors another colour like they do in F1 if you like. 


I will sort some rules out but it's more for the fun side of things with winter being here but biggest one would be no smashing people off the race track. Like some nob did me yesterday on Forza 5 :angry:  


And I will do some league tables for drivers points and teams and post them up so we know who's winning until the final race 

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Can I suggest we allow braking lines? I haven't played the game for nearly a year so I will be pretty poor to star with. I'm gonna load it up and see what I have in the garage and get some practice in.

Also how about we give a weeks notice on the track to allow people to have a practice esp if all driving lines are off.

Also why not have a Top Gear power lap league?

Combine the star in a car and the power lap tables. Each event we choose a car leave it standard and put a standing start fastest lap on the Top Gear Track.

We had a comp at work when I took the xbox and wheel in to work and everyone did the Kia C'eed lap.

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Ok breaking lines is fine if you want them on I won't I find I get drawn into them like a Moth to a light I was going to do a list of tracks in order that will be raced each week at the start of every season so everyone would know. Look at it like F1 best way :) 


And I like the idea of the Top Gear power lap. Take it can only be done in single player so would need to post up lap times as proof ? 

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Any lap should be recorded, free play, hot lap and the ones when your in your tuning/test drive menu will be if you exit out of it correctly. All leader boards will show your fastest clean lap regardless of where it's set.

If the races aren't even after a few games there is the option of handicapping certain things but i've never used it.

How many laps were you thinking of per race ?

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These will be all Full tracks and forward only 


Bernese Alps

Camino Viejo de Montserrat


Fujimi Kaido

Circuit de Catalunya

Maple Valley Raceway

Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit

Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Iberian International Circuit

Infineon Raceway

Sebring International Speedway

Road Atlanta

Mazda Laguna Seca

Road America

Rally Di Positano

Sedona Raceway Park

Sunset Penninsula

Nurburgring Nordschleife

Suzuka Circuit

Silverstone Racing Circuit


Ok was thinking of each track to be done in this order No of laps I think I will pop on and have a look see how big they are and workout each races laps on an average to last around an hour. Think anymore then that will be brain-numbing what you think ?


I've left out the Top gear test track for doing our own star in a reasonably priced car :)

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Ok will do 25 mins or around that mark so could be a bit longer or shorter. I agree I can't do them for long always hated oval tracks for the same reason 3 laps of them even bores me :D 


And i did do some of the Endurance races even stayed up all night with a mate once doing the 24 hour race when I was in my late teens early 20's :D 

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I was aiming for 1 race every weekend but if people can fit the time in go for 2 races every sunday in the order I've listed them if you like. I will go on each track have a look at an average lap time and workout roughly how many laps can be fitted into a 25 minute window. You will be shocked how quick it goes unless you are having a bad race :D

The ring I would say like you 2 maybe 3 laps total I know it can take about 8 minutes to get round 

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