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Subaru virgin


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Good evening all, as is the done thing, here is a little about me.


I have joined the forum as I am purchasing an Outback 3.0 R circa 2006, next Wednesday 4th Dec.


Too late people it's a done deal and you can't talk me out of it.


I have a Range Rover P38 and find it difficult to type with losing an arm and a leg over the last year ( metaphorically speaking ). I have spent a fortune keeping up with things to keep the Rangy sweet, so I thought I would try something completely different.


I thought about an Audi Allroad but was put off by tales of woe and the air bag saga's and fuel pump problems from 2 people I know, have had with them, another contender was a Volvo cross country but that looked a little high at the back.


One of the main concerns is having a German Shepherd with Spondylosis of the spine who will invariably have increasing difficulty getting in and out of the back, Hopefully he won't have too much trouble with the new one.


As for myself I am 62 and left work 4 years ago after a triple heart bypass that has left me unable to bend over without getting terribly short of breath. Luckily I have an RAF pension having spent 26 1/2 years as an Aircraft Engine Fitter, after leaving the RAF I spent 15 years as Office/Works manager for a small double glazing company in Chard. I can't be arsed to do anything else even though I don't receive any benefits from HMG. 


I have been married to Sally for 26 years and have two children, five grand children and one great grand child from a previous marriage. ( I like being married I have done it three times, I love wedding cake ). Sally works as a nursing assistant at a local care home, looking after dementia residents, it's not a job I could do I wouldn't have the patience.


I have had a 1996 N Reg Land Rover 300 Tdi for 5 3/4  years, that I use for my hobby of shooting/stalking, depending how I find the Outback maybe I will change that for something a bit less thirsty. I can't seem to get more than 22 mpg out of it although 95% of journeys are short around town.


Right , Sally has just brought me in a cuppa so I will sign off and have a trawl through some of the other folks tales. I'm sure I will find plenty of info on here and look forward to a bit of banter.


Cheers for now Mike.

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Hi Mike welcome to S.O.C 

And good choice with the Outback for the sounds of what you need :) 

And Fantastic 1st post, please feel free to have a look around the forum great bunch on here, not many Outback owners here though :( But hopefully with a few more of you be able to get it bigger :D 

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Welcome to the club and thanks for your service to your country. I for one appreciate every thing you the guys in all branches of the armed services do.

Being a space cadet in my younger days, I spent a bit of time around the RAF and can honestly say it's was some of the best experiences of my life.

Good choice in the Subaru, renowned for their reliability and a good mud Tracker too. Enjoy the ownership

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Wotcha and welcome - I wasnt good looking enough for the RAF but was lardy enough for the Navy ;)


Keep us posted with the outback I think you will find it a great vehicle, ideal for your requirements

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