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New member from Jersey


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Hello everyone,


my name is Mario and i am 27. I live in Jersey ( Channel Islands ). My previous cars were mostly VAG group cars ( Audi or VW ) but yesterday i became a proud owner of Subaru Impreza GX, year 2003. It has hardly done any mileage ( less than 36k ). And has only 4 stamps in service book :) . Not too sure about colour i think it is steel blue but please correct me if iam wrong. So enough talking here are some pics for you :)


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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Please feel free to have a look around the forums and join in great bunch on here. You must have known we would have asked for pictures ;) 

And look's great. 1st time I've seen a blobeye that colour I think 

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Thank you  :)

I have been on various forums before so i know pics are mandatory lol :D

regarding colour i have to say i havent seen one like this before myself. Only got it last night so due to excitement there was no time to check ( but i will ) i only cleaned it, filled her with petrol and drove it- god why didnt i get one before. Anyway im sure i will be here very regularly asking you all the typical questions ;)

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