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My first impreza


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Just re-registered following the forum issues.  So I picked up my first impreza today, a 2002 bigeye WRX.  Absolutely love it, and I haven't even given it full throttle yet!!


As they say, a picture says a thousand words, and heres a few thousand to get you going!  They are from the original advert and I will take some of my own soon.



















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Hi mate thanks for resigning up. And sorry about the issue, way life goes sometime I guess :)

And amazing looking car I have to say I like it a lot and I'm also a fellow bug owner ;)

And Blobeye dash very nice :D had some money spent I would say a great buy 

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Thanks, have to say, I'm not, or should I say was not, normally a bigeye fan, but I saw this and absolutely loved it!


Full spec from the advert


Engine & Drivetrain Mods....
remap by andy carr
GFB Stealth FX dump Valve.
Green Panel Filter. 
After Burner Vortex Back Box + Gaskets. 
Prodrive Sports Cat Downpipe. 
After Burner Centre Section.
After Burner Non Res Pipe.
Godspeed Grooved Discs Front & Rear.
EBC Bluestuff Pads.
Black Painted Engine Bay and Caliper's.
Chrome Fuse Box Cover.
Chrome Oil Cap. 
Prodrive Radiator Cap. 
Chrome Brake Res Cover.
Chrome Airbox Plate. 
Chrome Washer bottle Cover.
Chrome Alternator Cover.
Chrome Slam Panel.
Power Steering Belt + Air Con Belt.
New Neutral Position Switch.
Walbro Fuel Pump. 
Gates Timing Belt Kit & Water Pump.
Hel Red Brake Lines.

Suspension Mods....

Front Strut Brace.
KYB Ultra SR Shocks.
Eibach Lowering Springs 25mm

Wheels And Tyre Mods....

Genuine Prodrive Speedline P7 17" alloys In Gunmetal Grey And Genuine Prodrive Centre Caps  
Evo 5 Locking Wheels Nuts. 

Interior And Exterior Mods....

Smoked Side Repeater's.
Smoked Jewel Side Markers. 
Chrome Indicator bulbs
Uprated Headlight And Sidelight bulbs
Chrome Gator Surround.
HT Auto's New Front Spliter.
HT Auto's New Rear Corner Spats.
HT Auto's Top Rear Spoiler.
HT Auto's Rear Diffuser.
Colour Coded Side Skirts.
GB270 Prodrive Rear Spoiler. (Very rare)
WRC Front Grille Vents. 
Black Lower Mesh Front Grill.(Home Made)
Black STI Style Headlights. (inside painted)
Scoobyworld Mudflaps (Prodrive Decals).
Upgraded Standard Stereo To The Silver One.
STI 10 Hawkeye Centre Console And Handbrake.
STI 10 Hawkeye Sweeping/Defi Style Clocks. (with mileage changed to)
STI 7 Chrome Interior Door Handles.
Pro R Subaru Gear Knob.
Red WRX Seat Covers.
LED Licence Plate bulbs.
STI 7 Front Grille.
Buddy Club Header Tank Cap

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I'm a massive Hawkeye fan and felt the same as you with bugeyes, and had a blobeye but sold that on but still got full use :) Father in law forward planning ;) 

And my Bug I've had that long I can't sell it but might soon I keep looking at hawkeyes. But will see what next year brings it will be hard to let it go now :) 

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Wotcha and welcome - what a beast some serious attention paid to that one - you know what though I think you could go 18" on the rims if you wanted to I think with the rest of the mods it wouldnt look over the top

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Thanks all.

Iain I'm told its running about 270-280bhp, but no dyno print out. Will have it on the rollers at some point.

Can't turn your nose up at that! I'm sure the smile is still on your face now, I bet that was the best drive home? Now comes any excuse to get out in it " milk dear I'll go and get it" from the next county lol ;)

Sent from my iphone using Tapatalk

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Had an issue today with a misfire, turned out the lead to the coil had come loose on number 4 cylinder and caused the misfire.  All sorted now and had a lot of fun in it today.  Couple of pictures I grabbed earlier





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