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Amazon plans drone delivery to US customers


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This undated handout photo released by Amazon on December 1, 2013 shows a flying "octocopter" mini-drone that would be used to fly small packages to consumers. (AFP Photo / Amazon)


The ‘Prime Air’ system is set to start running in four or five years. It requires additional safety testing and federal approval. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced his company plans to use ‘octocopter’ mini-drones to deliver goods for US customers – in just 30 minutes.

"I know this looks like science fiction. It's not," Bezos told CBS television's 60 Minutes program.

The technology is “very green,” he indicated. “It’s better than driving trucks around.”

The drones are set to be able to deliver packages that weigh up to 5lbs (2.3kg), which represents roughly 86 percent of packages that Amazon delivers, Bezos told, as quoted by Reuters.



The drones will be powered by electric motors, and are set to cover an area of 16km in radius. Their operations will be carried out autonomously, with GPS transmitted to the devices.

Amazon said the octocopters would be "ready to enter commercial operations as soon as the necessary regulations are in place." The Federal Aviation is currently developing rules for unmanned vehicles.

The company in fact projected a more optimistic timeline than Bezos himself for the project to be activated, saying drones could commence deliveries as early as 2015.

The Amazon CEO’s statement comes about a month after the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revealed a for drones to roam across American skies within the next two years.  

The plan set September 2015 as a deadline for integrating UAVs into US airspace, and six possible drone test sites will be selected out of 26 proposed ones by the end of 2013.


How cool would this be order online with in 30 minutes this is landing to deliver to you 

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Just seen this as a headline news story on the BBC so they must be serious. Could be as early as 2015 but only if you live within 10 miles of the depot.

I think I'll start by ordering a new fridge/freezer and see how their drone copes with that! :)

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