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First 4x4


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Hello All

Picking up my 2008 Forester next Wednesday from Shukers in Shrewsbury. It's the diesel 2.0 L turbo model. 48000 miles on the clock, I think it's the XN version? It has sat nav, leather etc.

Reason for a 4x4 is to tow a horse trailer, Max weight to be towed is 1500 kg. reason for buying the Forester is after researching it appears to be the best fit for us. Not too big, great engineering, and drives more or less like a car.

I have been driving an Octavia VRS estate for the last two years, and must admit I didn't really want to change cars. But needs must, just hoping I made the right choice. Comments welcome.


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I've never had a 4x4 before either or anything turbo'd apart from my vans.

Although my foz is a petrol and a bit older than yours i love it. Fuel economy isn't much different to my mx5. Comfort ride are a difderent level and the fact that's high enough to get off road occasionally but not to high that my misses struggles to get in is great and it handles like a car instead of a big suv.

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