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Sheffield Subaru Services Meet Feb 3rd

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ok as stated please post a rough day which you guys think will be best for yourself and then I can check with Martin as the next one will be hosted at SSS (Sheffield Subaru Services)


Unit 36
Century Street
S9 5DX

Meeting Time and date 

Monday February 3rd


Meeting Rules 

1. No idiotic driving on the roads surrounding the Meeting.  
2. No leaving litter.
3. Do not partake in any other idiotic behaviour. 

4. Have fun and meet fellow Subaru owners.

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2nd week onwards then sounds good to me, im sure most of us will be over the limit anyways if we did it before haha.

No chance of that for me this year, none of the misses's family drive so muggins here is des driver. Only day i don't have to go anywhere is christmas day

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I will come mate don't worry. Problem I have is I never shut off, I have so many idea's and thing's to do and not enough time to fulfil. And it's like that all year round, I wish it wasn't and could be organised enough to say yep thats a good day I can make it but it doesn't work like that for me :( Not with dogging and swingers parties ;)  

But I have always said if I say I will do something I will no matter what so I will be there. I also want to try get a local one going for me at some point, with the hope of having one every year for us all as a club :D

But all depends on members. I have not tried to bring members here from other forums as I would like to think they came here on there own steam without me asking. :D 

So it's nothing personal mate I can't wait to get over and meet everyone I really can't 

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ive spoken to martin and he is good whenever, im just waiting to get rockers gaskets done on Monday and then she will be operational again, shall we say a February date is better or would people like an end of Jan date.

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I'm good for end of this month.

Plus I'd like to see Martin actually, my MOT is due by 10th Feb, but my 4th gear rattle problem seems to have returned - although it's a lot more inconsistent and it did go for a while.... Plus it's stated to whine a bit when coasting :( So be good to speak to him before getting it booked in.

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