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Changing Disks and Pads


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I am looking at buying a 2009 Legacy 2.5i (Gen 4) which has been sitting for a while judging by the disks and there seems to be little left on the pads.  I'm willing to fit new disks and pads myself.


Just asking if there are any specific difficulties I need to be aware of.  (I've done this on my Alfa a couple times).


Thanks, Jerry

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Cheers, guys.  It's always reassuring to get first hand experience advice.


First time I did the rears on the Alfa was a real head scratcher till I found out you needed a special tool to allow you to turn the pistons at the same time as pressing them in - due to the handbrake working on those pistons.  :wacko:


My special tool turned out to be a G-cramp and large screwdriver :D



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