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Merry Christmas all


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I would like to wish each and everyone on this Forum a very merry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you what ever modification part and plenty of power upgrades that you have put on your wish list :)

Oh yeah and Gambit more unwashed knickers and a new gimp suit ;)


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Happy christmas to you mate, I'm already working on more as we speak. But my gimp suit is making it hard work getting over people's hedges  :ph34r:


I was going to wish everyone on Christmas day but oh well might as well do it now :D


Merry Christmas to all you fantastic lovely people, I hope you have a fantastic day whatever you will be doing with family or friends. Or even by yourself. Remember !Removed! is always good, but not if you are crying while mastubating like I sometimes do. Because the knickers haven't been worn yet :unsure: . Look forward to seeing what new things you have got for the car's or anything else you might want to show :D all naked pictures to be sent via PM ;)

And hope you are all good and drive safe if you need to travel. But if you can't be good, be good at what ever naughty thing you are doing :D

All the best to you all  :wub:


Reminds me I have to get my Christmas shopping done. Last year I left my Christmas shopping too late and ended up getting it all done at a petrol station on Christmas morning. I thought the limited selection would leave me in the **** but my daughter squealed with delight when she opened her ‘L’ plates and ran over to hug me. I don’t know why she went out to look on the driveway though.  :blink:

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