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For Sale: Cylinder Heads


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I have several pairs of Subaru Cylinder Heads.  It's time I started to try to move these as I need my house back.




Not all are shown in this photo, there are others dotted about the place!


Most are Version 5/6 STi/P1 heads, but I also have a pair of Version 5/6 turbo 2000, and a few pairs of AVCS heads, and maybe some Version 3/4 STi heads, but I will need to open boxes to confirm!


All are single-turbo, so sorry no Twin-Turbo ones.


Anyone interested?





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No history sorry, I acquired them as job-lot when a Subaru garage closed down. I have 3, maybe 4 pairs of version 5/6 so I'll get photos of all of them so you can choose which ones you think look best.

I'll also look into shipping costs before I get back to you.

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Ok bud once you chuck a price on here I'll send him a link to this thread .

I don't think the history matters to much as they'll be stripped refurbed/ upgraded and rebuilt to go on his 2.35 build , but I think he's got most of the bits for the bottom end , so will need them fairly soon



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