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Need a reversing camera.

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Spent hours searching and i just dont seem to be getting any closer.

I need a reversing camera, preferably one on a numberplate mount. It needs to be CCD, have guidelines on screen and compatible with something like the Pioneer AVH-X8500BT head unit.

Anyone know of these things?

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Pioneer do 2 reversing cams.

The Pioneer ND-BC6


is quite cheap but It does not have the guid lines which I found out after installing it :(

The Pioneer ND-BC20PA


is the one that has the guidelines but @£400 it's a lot more expensive. It can be bought much cheaper in the states and as my mums off to New York in June, I'm going to get her to buy one whilst there.

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Yeah more than likely but at least buying a pioneer one you don't have any compatibility issues.

I've been looking for a while and there don't seem to be many cameras with the guidelines unless you get a kit with a separate monitor included.

The pioneer from the US it will be about £250 at the mo. So it could be worth ordering from there and shipping it over. Obviously not as cheap as a 3rd party kit but a much neater solution.

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