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Want to upgrade (as topic title suggests!) but have been having a few issues:

1) I have a 2003 import sti, which has separate low and high beam bulbs - and everything i read says it should have a single dip/high H4 - can anyone advise on this because what i can physically see and what im reading are two different things!

2) i have been told that something to do with the wiring on subaru's restricts the initial ampage needed for the ballast to turn on the hid and therefore they wont turn on - again is this true?

If anyone can advise me on what i need/where i can get it from (links much appriciated!)

Cheers guys

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I dont know if what you say is true but you can run a wire / wires protected by an appropriately rated fuse to have a 12v supply which would bypass anything within the loom and have the light switch circuit connected via a relay which would be activated the existing lighting circuit to power the HID.


Be aware for MOT purposes HID's need to be self levelling and have a power spray wash linked to windscreen wiper wash to pass

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As jay has said you can make anything work if you try, are you specifically after a H4 unit that does both Low&Hi or 2 seperate units to do Low and Hi.


My UK WRX has H4 headlights so if you wanted the 1 unit does all then a swap is all you need plus a conversion harness, which shouldn't be that hard to knock up


Have been looking at projectors with HID bulbs in them - retrofitsource.com are great for info and parts & they have an eBay shop too which make ordering stuff easier.


They are pretty helpful with info too - If you email them your vehicle details and what you want to achieve they will tell you how it could be done


My last car, which I fitted HID low beams to passed its MOT with them on, when I questioned this (after I had the cert in my hand) I was told that because the car had the manual adjustment load switch on it, it had passed, was told if washers were fitted they would have to work, but as any car would fail under the unfit for use section if tested while dirty, they didn't need it.


Have been looking into conversions for about 10 years now and Nobody seems to know what is MOT legal and what isn't. The MOT handbook testers get says that if fitted, they should be treated as if fitted as standard so they have to function properly.


The only thing that seems to be for certain at the moment is if you ask the garage you use for MOT's if fitted would it Pass and they say yes, take it there everytime.


Have been told by a friend in the trade that there are more changes being planned for this year to so we have to just wait and then find a way round the new rules as well. :unsure:

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