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I'm thinking about buying a Subaru Impreza?


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Wotcha and welcome


here is a Subaru buying guide




the car looks fine from the description - Becky22 has one and had an issue but that was caused by a shoddy mechanic not reported anything else, IMO it would look better with a larger spoiler on the rear but that is something that could be sorted in time

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The basic design has not changed that much in the grand scheme of things just tweaked for weight strength or improvement - the newer ones still collect gunk under rear arches as there is a lip so check there for bubbling - the paint is thin so look for excessive stone chips. The metal is thin so look for dents where someone may have leant something on the car and not been able to push it back out on the rear 3/4 area above the side windows for instance. The painted panels in the door cards have thin paint and scratch and wear from use - peoples hands / rings when opening and closing the door


Paint damage on the top of rear bumper where stuff has been loaded / unloaded from boot space


The main bearings can go so any dodgy noises walk away there is no turbo to worry about but check the service history to see if the belts have been changed, if not try and get that done as part of the deal

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