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Decat vs sports cat


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Unsure what to do , sports cat down pipe , centre pipe to backbox (2.5" )


Decat the lot ? 2.5" system

Getting fed up rolling under cars putting cats in for mot , was ok but testers getting more strict round here and the plod pulled couple my mates

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I'd say if you are getting pulled... Legal limit is the only way mate :( To be safe. My MOT tester that will allow anything that is safe so turbo back fine. But my advise is play it safe if people are getting pulled for it your an easy target. :( stick with the rules for now :( 

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Yeah my tester has always said the same but I dunno if vosa clamping down on it

Was out in my mates skyline last weekend popping to the pub on a Sunday afternoon , not breaking speed limit or anything 2 traffic officers was at side of the road looked like on a break stopped him one popped his head under car went yep no cat , had to take his car for a re - mot thing what ever they issue

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That's harsh :(

I have had a Copper admire my car had a look around it but was looking at the car didn't look at the tyres or anything was stood talking to me for a bit about car's then showed me on his computer he had been doing 132mph down the A16  :lol: Some of them are alright just when you get the jobsworths  :angry:

Like this young copper on a power trip. I went to a cash point to get some cash out whilst I was stood there this woman was sat on the floor screaming help up the road reaching out towards passing car's. So when I got back in my car I was driving past thought I would stick my head out the window and ask if she was ok it was around this time of year. I nearly never stopped but thought she really might need help, anyway cut a long story short. I got out the car to help pick her up and she hobbled over to my car, I thought just to lean on she had hurt her ankle but  just climbed straight in and got in the passenger seat. Turn's out she had come over here from Canada to meet a guy in Leeds I still not sure how she managed to end up in Grimsby and a **** hole area but was drunk cold and wet with a bit of blood on her face. So now I'm stood there with this Canadian woman in the car not knowing what to do I said she had to get out but was not moving told me just to get in and drive, she was not ugly to be fair. So I thought I will take her to the Hospital with being hurt but she said no to that so I said I would take her to the police station she didn't want to go there either but I was going there anyway, by this point she was rubbing my leg -_-  and started to try take her wet top off (I kid you not)

Pulled up outside the police station she started screaming saying she had left her purse with her passport on the floor so I knew she needed that so shot back to where I first found her no sign's of it. I'm panicking now as I was only going to the shop I  knew my missus would be wondering where I was. So went round to the police station again. Pulled up she started screaming and shouting when I told her wouldn't get out the car, so I went in to tell the receptionist that I have an unknown woman in my car from Canada refusing to get out my car while the hole time she's honking my horn. So these two coppers come down after about ten minutes an older one and a young one the older one was fine told him exactly what had gone on. then with that the young guy started going on at me asking why was I picking her up almost accusing me of kidnap or something making out like I should be arrested, so I started to get a bit mad with the young copper think the older one new basically told him to wind his neck in. took them about 15 minutes to get her out my car and to this day I still never knew what happened to her. 


But anyway went a bit off topic there in true S.O.C style :D

If you have to keep putting a cat on for the MOT and the police are pulling you over and checking I'd go with a cat. Even though I love the sound of them without it setting off car alarms as I drive past  :lol:

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