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I have the Subaru bug


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Hi, guys and girls, just thought I'd share some of my Subaru custom things I have done.

My nieces pink racing car seat has now been 'Subaru'd LOL.

Think it looks pretty cool.


Also made myself some new stickers of my bugeye wagon, love them



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I am actually impressed with myself.

Oh good news, took the car to sheffield subaru services to look at my exhaust as I got told the 2nd cat had gone, the lovely men checked it all and said there's nothing wrong with it and no need to change it. Apparently I have a non genuine subaru cat on it which could have caused my light to come on as it,s not been on for months now.

So now I,m not forking out £350 for a new exhaust system, I think I,m going to have a full service on it at £370, which includes brakes, timing belt, all liquids changed and plugs.

So it will be good as new then :D

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So you should be, it look's great :) 

And they are spot on Martin and his mate I didn't get his name when I was there  :wacko: mind you spoke to about 3 or 4 people when I was there :D

But their both spot on I keep meaning to buzz him about a full hub and bearing and cambelt kit job in the next few month on mine. :huh:  

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