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losing water


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I am totally baffled by a problem that has recently occured with my H6  in that every now and again it will lose all its water from the rad with steam coming up.

This only happens occasionly and I cannot find any leaks.

Does anyone have any ideas of the problem


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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Could be a few thing's has it overheated at all thermostat might have damaged so it's overheating and getting to hot and just letting go. Head gasket could have gone also :( I'd say your best bet is to get the system pressurised and tested.

Your in Beverley if you wanted could speak with Martin at Sheffield Subaru Services top bloke I drive 76 miles one way to see him :D I'm near Grimsby 

If you had been more local to the West Midlands I'd have said have a word with Tlag or Bips on here they also repair and rebuild subaru engines both also extremely helpful and know their stuff. 

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